feature story Liz Schwarze speaks in a panel about the upstream opportunities and challenges in Brazil and world

The oil and gas opportunities and challenges in Brazil and worldwide were the topic of one of the several discussions held through the 2022 Rio Oil & Gas Congress, in Rio de Janeiro. Liz Schwarze, Chevron Global Exploration Vice President, represented the company in this session on September 28, which was also attended by executives from BCG, Exxon, Repsol and Shell.

The panel addressed themes as Brazil’s role in the global energy scenario, the importance of technology and innovation in the search for solutions that fit the world’s need for energy, the industry’s challenge in attracting and retaining talents, and the relationship with partners to build on opportunities.

Liz said that Chevron believes the future of energy is lower carbon. In this sense, the company has been working on building a portfolio that combines the development of efficient and lower-carbon traditional energy production projects while grows in renewable energy businesses such as hydrogen; renewable fuels; carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and offsets.

As the energy transition progresses rapidly, Liz pointed out that O&G exploration and production will still account for a significant part of the global energy demand in years to come. She also mentioned that Brazil plays a relevant role in this scenario due to its high production number and incredible geological potential.

She also talked about how Chevron’s technology and innovation initiatives are helping the company interpreting and processing images for asset development around the world as well as simplifying, standardizing, and optimizing processes to improve the project efficiency. Liz also spoke about the enterprise socio educational programs to demystify O&G careers and the internship and career development programs as initiatives to attract and retain talents in industry. Finally, she highlighted the importance of partnerships to seek new business opportunities and contribute to the progress of the communities where Chevron operates.