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Chevron has been responsibly partnering with Brazil to develop its abundant energy resources for more than 100 years. Our business portfolio in the country includes both upstream and downstream activities.

In upstream, our company holds interests in 12 deepwater projects - six of them were acquired in 2018 and other five blocks were acquired in 2019. Papa-Terra Field (37.5%) and blocks C-M-791 (40%), C-M-821 (40%), C-M-823 (40%), C-M-845 (40%), C-M-825 (40%), C-M-713 (35%) and C-M-659 (35%) are located in the Campos basin, in Rio de Janeiro. The blocks S-M-764 (40%), Três Marias (30%) Saturno (45%) and S-M-766 (40%) are located in the Santos basin, in São Paulo.

Brazil assets

Map showing Chevron Brasil upstream projects location

In downstream, Chevron owns and operates an Oronite facility that develops, manufactures and markets performance-enhancing additives for lubricating oils and fuels. Oronite products combine innovative technology and the latest research to help maximize the reliability, efficiency and life of engines. The result is fewer emissions and less impact on the environment.

For the latest figures, view the 2019 Supplement to the Annual Report.