creating prosperity

decades of experience has taught us that our business success is deeply linked to the progress of the communities in the areas where we operate

Chevron Brasil invests in social projects that support the sustainable development of the communities in the areas where we operate. We partner with government institutions, communities and non-profit organizations on the identification, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of all our projects, whose focus is on youth and women who are proven to be great investment multipliers. 

Since 2010, our company has been successfully supporting projects aimed at training entrepreneurs and young people - technical and vocational training - in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. In 2018, we redirect our investment strategy to São João da Barra municipality, in Rio de Janeiro state, where our exploration base was located. We have also expanded our portfolio to support health projects.

Between 2010 and 2022, Chevron Brasil invested around US$ 8.8 million in these programs, benefiting over 34,000 people.



Our projects seek to provide communities with the necessary skills to their professional development, creating new opportunities and improving the quality of life of these people.

Between 2010 and 2017, Chevron Brasil invested in several projects in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo states. From 2018, we started to support a program in the São João da Barra municipality, whose objective is to improve the quality of the basic education and reduce the school dropout rates through the personal and social development of young students focused on building a life project. Developed in partnership with Instituto Aliança and Municipal Education Office, the initiative has already benefited over 900 students in the 9th grade of elementary school in the municipality. In 2023, the project became part of the city's education curriculum as a course and included the 6th grade students from the elementary school.

economic development

We also support initiatives to strengthen the local economic development in São João da Barra. They are technical training and business management programs that boost the sustainable growth of entrepreneurs in the region. Between 2020 and 2021, 180 artisans were benefited by the project.

In 2022, in a partnership with Porto do Açu Operações and the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), we started a pilot project to strengthen the production chain of small farming families in the Alto do Cardeiro community, contributing to the greater income generation of the producers. 

empowering women

Women were given a chance to contribute to social and economic growth, benefiting not only their own families through the income generated but also the community.
empowering women


In line with our corporate social investment strategy, Chevron Brasil expanded its portfolio and included support in the health area in 2018. Among our initiatives is the donation of a fluorescence microscope for the advanced cancer diagnostics laboratory of the Martagão Gesteira Childcare and Pediatrics Institute, located on the campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). The laboratory operated with a single equipment to perform 520 tests and, with the arrival of the new device, will double its capacity to carry out tests and serve other public pediatric hospitals in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2022, we invested in the reimagined project of the radiology sector at Hospital Municipal Jesus, in Rio de Janeiro. Signed by the artist and architect Gringo Cardia, the project included a scenography that reproduces the sea floor and a world of robots with the aim to reducing anxiety and sedation frequency by minimizing the impacts of this environment on children who are treated at the hospital. Another company initiative was the donation of 75 wheelchairs and 75 bath chairs for the Health Secretariat of São João da Barra municipality.