feature story Social project supported by Chevron Brasil celebrates 133 students' graduation in São João da Barra

The 9th grade students from public schools of São João da Barra municipality, in Rio de Janeiro state, participated in the graduation ceremony of the “Transformando o Presente, Projetando o Futuro” (TPPF) project. The initiative is part of the Chevron Brasil’s social investment program and is developed in partnership between Instituto Aliança and the São João da Barra Education Secretariat.

The online event was attended by Mariano Vela, Chevron Brasil Country Manager, and Charles Guerra, Policy & Government Affairs Coordinator, in addition to Adenil Vieira, Director of Instituto Aliança; Raquel Veiga, TPPF Educational Coordinator; Luciana Oliveira, TPPF Local Coordinator; and other project members.

Mariano thanked the confidence of parents, students and São João da Barra City Mayor for believing in the project, reinforced the company’s pride in this partnership and highlighted the team’s efforts to overcome the challenges in yet another pandemic year. “We know that you had difficulties throughout the year and many of you gave up using internet for leisure to do program’s activities. This demonstrates the dedication and commitment of all of you to the project and makes you all winners”, Mariano said to the students of the project.

From 159 enrolled in the beginning of this year, 133 students completed the project which was totally virtual in 2021. TPPF is aimed to reduce the school dropout and improve the education performance of the São João da Barra municipality. In its 4th consecutive year, the program is focused on students enrolled in 9th grade from public schools in the municipality.

Charles emphasized the group’s resilience throughout the year to balance the new subjects included in the municipality’s curriculum and the TPPF activities. “You did not drop the ball. This was a very important proof of your dedication and commitment. We are very happy and proud to have participated in this project.”