feature story Leadership in times of crisis is the theme of the IBP webinar

On October 15th, Chevron Brasil attended in the fifth meeting of the Female Leadership in Agenda series, program promoted by the Diversity Committee of the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP). This time, the webinar theme was on leadership in times of crisis and had the participation of Patricia Pradal, Chevron Brasil Business Development & Corporate Affairs Manager; Carla Lacerda, ExxonMobil Brasil President; and Flávia Leão, Brazil Office Russell Reynolds Manager.

Patricia opened the webinar emphasizing the current moment that we are going through and how some competencies can contribute to effective leadership in difficult times. Carla Lacerda remembered that the oil and gas industry also experiencing an unprecedent crisis and highlighted the importance of the management by purpose to help leader to reach beyond the short and medium term. 

“Today’s discussion is important not only for our business environment but also for our personal life because what we are facing now is of enormous complexity that we were not expecting”, said Patricia.

During her speech, Flávia explained how we built certain skills from neurological point of view and highlighted the importance of crises for professional development. She also spoke on the behaviors that help and hinder a leader in periods of crisis, in addition to answering the questions from attendees. 

“The crisis é a great time to see who stands out because they are the people who managed to make it flexible, to change the way they do to respond to that scenario. This is a great potential indicator”, said Flávia.