feature story Young students from São João da Barra complete course supported by Chevron social project

The young members of the social project supported by Chevron Brasil in public schools of São João da Barra municipality, in Rio de Janeiro state, participated in the online graduation ceremony of the course on December 15. The social project “Transforming the Present and Designing the Future” aims to reduce the school dropout and improve the education performance of the São João da Barra municipality, which has benefited 380 students since it started.  

Determination, courage, resilience and gratitude were the words that guided the students throughout the project. The course that started face-cleanup-to-face-cleanup needed to be adapted due to the pandemic. Difficulties with access to the internet, mobile phone or computer to follow the online classes were some of challenges that this group face-cleanupd to transform their dreams in a life project. Despite the limitations, 137 young people completed the project, which had 87% attendance.

Mariano Vela congratulated the trainees and emphasized the work developed by the group – students, educators and Instituto Aliança team – to reshape the project and continue the classes. He highlighted the 10-year partnership between Chevron Brasil and Instituto Aliança and reaffirmed the company’s commitment with the project in the São João da Barra municipality.

Patricia Pradal encouraged young people to continue their journey to build their future in addition to thanking the confidence of the region residents and the partners for the success of the program. “It was a very difficult year for everyone, a year which we need to reinvent ourselves. Instituto Aliança managed some barriers to keep everyone focused to seek solutions for a better future. I can only thank the partnership and trust from the community and our partners”, said.