feature story Equipment of a field hospital is donated to universities in rio de janeiro

After four months of operation, the Lagoa-Barra field hospital – built thanks to donations from Chevron Brasil and other companies - was deactivated. The location served patients with coronavirus from neighboring communities such as Rocinha and Vidigal, in Rio de Janeiro.

The good news is that with the closure of activities on site, the equipment used in the unit is being donated to the university hospitals in Fundão, at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and Pedro Ernesto, at State University of Rio de Janeiro.

With a total of 200 beds, the field hospital treated 742 patients with COVID-19 from April to August. The total investment was R$ 60 million of which R$ 5 million were financed by companies in the sector through Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP).

In addition to the field hospital, Chevron Brasil also donated over 5,000 disposable medical aprons and masks to the Martagão Gesteira Childcare and Pediatric Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IPPMG/UFRJ). The pediatric hospital also received 1,800 kits personal hygiene kits to distribute to mothers and fathers accompanying hospitalized children. 

The kits were donated by company volunteers, who raised funds for the purchase of soap, toothpaste and toothbrush.