sponsoring culture

promoting the Brazilian culture

As a global company, we learn and respect the local cultures where we operate. We support culture initiatives that help to connect people and communities to thrive. 

In Brazil, Chevron sponsored several cultural projects of great national success, among which we highlight:

  • Margaret Mee and the Moon Flower, a film produced by EH Filmes and directed by filmmaker Malu De Martino, is a documentary about English botanical illustrator Margaret Mee. It was chosen as best film at the Brazilian Film Festival of London.
  • Music at the Museum, a special edition of the program - 41 free classical music concerts featured female Brazilian and foreign musicians in cultural centers, theaters and other venues around Rio de Janeiro.
  • Women Who Inspire Women, a special series of lectures at Casa do Saber in Rio de Janeiro. The event included three meetings with personalities Nélida Piñon, Mary Del Priori, and Mirian Goldenberg, who talked about, respectively, the life and trajectory of Rachel de Queiroz, Princess Isabel and Leila Diniz, women of note in the history of Brazil who served as their inspiration
  • The Edge of the Road, a film directed by Breno Silveira and produced by Conspiração Filmes. The film tells the story of a truck driver who decides to leave his hometown behind and travel across the country.
  • The Invisible Woman, a film produced by Conspiração Filmes and Warner Bros. and directed by Claudio Torres. The story is about a man abandoned by his wife and who falls in love with a neighbor who doesn´t exist.
  • Two Sons of Francisco, a film produced by Globo Filmes and directed by Breno Silveira. The film is about Francisco, a simple and poor man whose dream was to see his children become famous music stars and who made every effort to make it happen. The movie is based on a true history about a famous duo of singers.