feature story Chevron explains initiatives in carbon intensity in operations

Chevron Carbon Emissions Reduction Manager, Cesar Taba represented the company as a speaker in the panel "Chevron’s approach to lower carbon intensity in operations" during the Geosciences Technology Workshop promoted by AAPG Brasil in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Petroleum Geologists (ABPG), held between May 9-11, Rio de Janeiro.

Chevron was one of the sponsors of the event, which addressed – in addition to energy decarbonization – topics such as the exploration and development of mature onshore and offshore fields and new players, the offshore challenges and opportunities, and digital transformation and technology for oil and gas industry and energy transition.

At the meeting with the Brazilian team, Cesar made a presentation similar to the one made at the workshop on the company’s expectations to reduce carbon intensity in its operations which include targets for reducing carbon emissions by 2028 while developing other low-carbon businesses lines. He also explained how the plans are aligned within each company’s business area and the criteria adopted to seek new investment opportunities. 


In the specific case of Oil, Products & Gas Lower Carbon (OPG Lower Carbon), Cesar presented the key areas we are working to achieve these results, highlighting several examples of greenhouse gas reduction projects.