feature story Students from São João da Barra received our social project certification

A special day marked the life of 9th grad students in public schools in São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro state. On December 14, young people participated in the graduation ceremony of the social project “Transforming the Present, Projecting the Future” (TPPF), an initiative supported by Chevron Brasil in partnership with Instituto Aliança (IA) and the Municipal Department of Education with the objective of improving the municipal education indicators. 

For the first time, the project reached all 12 schools in the city, certifying a total of 210 students. Since it started in São João da Barra, in 2018, TPPF has served over 900 teenagers.

“We hope to continue and extend the work we have carried out in these last years of project to remain promoting transformations through education”, said Luciana Oliveira, Educational Coordinator at Instituto Aliança.

Just like the last two years, the project face-cleanupd challenges to maintain the students’ interest by the end of the training due to the impact generated by the social distancing caused by the pandemic such as the loss of meaning of school, the lack of motivation and the family´s financial and emotional vulnerabilities of young people. To roll back this scenario, IA adopted measures to encourage participation and avoid dropouts as motivational speakers, reinforcement of publicity in schools, actions to strengthen the sense of community among classes and the selection of student monitors to motivate teenagers at risk of dropout.

“We are very proud to be part of this successful partnership that the project has become in the city. Our commitment to the São João da Barra municipality is long-term and we hope to continue contributing to the region’s local progress through social projects in the education and economic development areas”, says Charles Guerra, Policies & Government Affairs Coordinator.