feature story Solidarity Energy volunteers bring affection and attention to IPPMG/UFRJ patients

Part of Chevron Brasil team had a special morning on November 22nd. The group, which included the company’s Country Manager, Mariano Vela, participated on Solidarity Energy Program – the company volunteer initiative that this year was held at Martagão Gesteira Childcare and Pediatrics Institute (IPPMG), in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s campus. For one morning, the volunteers had the opportunity to help in products donation to the institution as well as taking affection and attention to children and their families who receive health care in the university hospital – mostly residents of needy communities near the institute.

“We are very happy to be able to contribute to IPPMG. We chose to support the institution because we believe they do a relevant work in the fight against childhood cancer in the needy communities”, said Patricia Pradal, Corporate Affairs and Business Development Director.

The initiative began few days earlier, with some volunteers dedicating their time packing the gifts distributed to the hospitalized children. They also assembled the personal care products’ kits that were delivered to the hospitalized patients’ mothers. In total, 200 kits and 200 gifts - a magic blackboard and a coloring book with crayon box - were packed.

The highlight of the day was the presence of volunteers dressed as princesses and superheroes. They enchanted both hospitalized children and those waiting for medical care at the hospital’s outpatient reception. The kids talked and took pictures with the characters, which amused not only the children but also the hospital employees – they also wanted to be photographed with the employees wearing costumes.

A group of volunteers helped the animation team hired to entertain the children who were at the reception of the ambulatory and another part donated blood to the institute’s blood bank. Chevron Brasil also donated 200 powder milk cans and 200 disposable diapers.